Brand identity

“Why do you go to the gym?” “To be happy with myself”.

The new Lotofit identity is a direct consequence of this: the new logo combines a smiling face symbol and a bright green colour (reminder of outdoor training, where the business started in 2011) showing that Lotofit is more than just a gym. Lotofit is a family, a place to enjoy and a life philosophy. Everyday Lotofit’s professional personal trainers host more than 500 clients with a smile on their face.

A new pay-off supporting the vision of the brand has been created: Happiness, a lot of it. The new motto has been designed in a flexile way to be applied in different situations: Joy, a lot of it; Fitness, a lot of it; Training, a lot of it; etc.

The project was focused on the design of the strategy, branding, tone of voice, class naming and online booking platform. Applications include merchandising, stationery, social media strategy, training apparel and a fully responsive website.

The two O have been substituted by two smileys representing Marco’s and Pietro’s faces – the two Lotofit founders – always ready to welcome their guests with their energy and happiness.